Liverpool hosts music festival to test if such events spread the virus

LONDON Liverpool hosted a one-off music festival on Sunday to test whether such events would spread the virus.

Around 5,000 people ditched masks and social distancing in the name of science and music.

They attended the outdoor event having tested negative for Covid-19 and promised to get themselves tested again five days after the festival.

Their data will be used by the government's Events Research Programme to help understand the effect of crowds on the spread of the virus.

But the scientific consideration was far from the minds of revellers as they danced through the gates of Sefton Park.

"It just feels so good, so amazing - it's been too long," said student Meghan Butler, 19.

Mr Melvin Benn, managing director of Festival Republic, said he hoped his pilot project would play a key part in getting outdoor events back on the calendar this year. - REUTERS