Macron to give Saudi Arabia list of extremist groups

This article is more than 12 months old

PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday he would draw up a list of extremist organisations to convey to Saudi Arabia after the Crown Prince pledged to cut their funding.

Saudi Arabia finances groups overseen by the Mecca-based Muslim World League, which for decades was charged with spreading the strict Wahhabi school of Islam around the world. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Salman is seeking to modernise the kingdom and cleave to a more open and tolerant interpretation of Islam.

"He never did it publicly, but when I went to Riyadh (this month), he made a commitment, such that we could give him a list and he would cut the financing," Mr Macron told France 24 television.

"I believe him, I will follow up. Trust is built on results."

The Crown Prince has already taken steps to loosen Saudi Arabia's social restrictions, such as scaling back the role of religious morality police and announcing plans to let women drive next year. - REUTERS