Malaysian King tells politicians not to gamble with country's future

In royal address, he tells MPs to focus on fighting Covid-19 to bring hope back to country

KUALA LUMPUR: Politicians should not gamble with the future of the country and its people to achieve their agendas, said Malaysia's King, Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah.

In his royal address at the opening of the fourth session of the 14th Parliament, the King said that all MPs should focus on fighting Covid-19 to bring hope back to the country.

He said yesterday that although one year has passed, the country is not completely free from the disease.

The King said he has received hundreds of letters from the people expressing sadness over their situation, asking for some hope and for changes to happen soon so they can return to their daily life.


"The country and the people have been experiencing a troubled future for too long, as well as health and economic challenges.

"There are too many people who have been affected by the pandemic. And many have lost their source of income," he said.

The King welcomed efforts to realise bipartisan cooperation between the new government and the opposition.

"This is the type of maturity that my people want to see," he said.

"Heed this old Malay advice: For those who won shall not win all, and those who lost shall not lose all."

The King also said Malaysians must not get complacent in the fight against virus despite the success of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme.

"But behind these successes, let's not let our guard down and feel complacent. We have to continue with our efforts, especially with the emergence of new virus variants," he added.

The King also said that the "whole of society effort" needs to be ramped up with effective communication narratives to make things work.

He welcomed the government's effort in promoting the Malaysia Sihat national agenda by educating people on how to coexist with the virus.

"With us accepting Covid-19 as endemic, where it will be part of our lives, we need to realise how dangerous it is, especially with the new variants and possibly newer ones in the future," he said.

"Everyone must stay vigilant to take care of their well-being and be disciplined to adhere to the standard operating procedures...

"More importantly, the people must make sure they get vaccinated," he said. - THE STAR