Malaysian MP's phone number advertised as sex service hotline

Malaysian MP Rafizi Ramli has been getting calls and messages about sexual services since his mobile phone number was wrongly advertised as the sex hotline for a woman called Rara.

The Member of Parliament for Pandan posted screenshots on Twitter of his exchanges with some "interested" clients.

He told The Star Online: "I take it as the kind of thing that makes my life more interesting."





Mr Rafizi, the vice-president of the People's Justice Party,​ said he was more amused than ticked off by the incident and that he had no intention of making a police report.

"It's part and parcel (of being a politician)," he said.

It is believed that his mobile phone number was published on a flyer distributed in the city of Subang Jaya in Klang Valley, Selangor.

The flyer had the words "Are you lonely? Call/SMS/WhatsApp", followed by seven pictures of scantily-clad women together with their names and phone numbers.

Mr Rafizi's number was used for a girl named Rara.





The politician, who first posted about the incident last Friday (Jan 15), said on Twitter on Monday (Jan 18) that he has received about 10 enquires for sexual services.





Source: The Star Online