May warns party to stop backbiting

This article is more than 12 months old

LONDON British Prime Minister Theresa May told Conservative Party lawmakers that they should stop backbiting or risk letting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into power, Sky News reported.

After she lost her majority in a botched election gamble, some senior ministers have resorted to public bickering over Brexit and state spending as they manoeuvre in expectation that she will soon be toppled.

At a summer party for Conservative lawmakers, Mrs May told lawmakers that there should be "no backbiting, no carping", Sky said.

"The choice is me or Jeremy Corbyn - and nobody wants him," Mrs May told her lawmakers, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Mrs May also told ministers yesterday that cabinet discussions should not be leaked and that public squabbling must end, Sky said.

Before the resumption of key Brexit negotiations in Brussels on Monday, the weekend newspapers were filled with stories about warring ministers, as well as leaks targeting Finance Minister Philip Hammond.

Mr Hammond hit back on Sunday, blaming the "noise" on rivals who disagreed with his position that Britain must be careful to prioritise the economy when it withdraws from the European Union.


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