M'sian teacher allegedly flicked rubber bands at pupils' genitals

A discipline master from a school in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan is under investigation for allegedly abusing two pupils by flicking rubber bands at their genitals.

Mrs Maimunah Harun and Mr Ramlan Razak made the report after the school in question and educational authorities failed to take action for nearly two months.

The victims, one a grandson of Mrs Maimunah while the other is Mr Ramlan's son, are both in Year Six.

The alleged incident took place when the teacher called in the two pupils and accused them of removing the bolts from the wheels of a teacher's car.

He then forced them to strip their pants and proceeded to punish them by flicking a rubber band at their private parts.

The teacher also allegedly slapped the boys.


While Mrs Maimunah and Mr Ramlan complained to the school's management before taking the matter to the district education officer, they claimed no action was taken.

Mrs Maimunah said: "We were asked to file a written complaint. The officer promised to resolve the incident.

"But until today no action has been taken.

"I am worried that my grandson will skip school as he is still traumatised over the incident."

Investigations underway

Kuala Pilah police confirmed that a report had been made and that investigations were underway.

The teacher has yet to be arrested.

Police chief Superintendent Luqman Abd Rahman said: "The teacher can be charged with causing hurt, but he was not arrested because the injuries were not serious.

"Once the investigation is complete, we will refer the case to the deputy public prosecutor for further action."

The district education office also confirmed that it had received the complaints and that the matter was forwarded to the school for further investigation.

Source: New Straits Times

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