N Korea’s Berlin embassy used to acquire nuclear tech: Spy chief

This article is more than 12 months old


Germany's domestic intelligence agency chief revealed that North Korea has been acquiring equipment and technology for its nuclear and weapons programmes through its Berlin embassy.

BfV head Hans-Georg Maassen said: "We have noticed that so many procurement activities have taken place from the embassy."

"From our point of view, they were for the missile programme but also partly for the nuclear programme."

Although the exact nature of the technology was not specified, Mr Maassen said it would have civilian and military uses.

"When we see such things, we stop them," he said. "But we cannot guarantee we spot and block each attempt."

BfV obtained clues on the technology procurement in 2016 and last year, according to an investigation by public TV channel ARD.

The accusations come after a United Nations report said North Korea is flouting sanctions by exporting coal, iron, steel and other banned commodities, earning nearly US$200 million (S$263 million) in revenue last year.- AFP