Sheep help end car chase in New Zealand

Sheep - that familiar sight in New Zealand - became more than just part of the landscape yesterday when a flock of them blocked a road and allowed the police to nab some suspects they were chasing.

The sheep belonged to a local police officer and were being moved to a new grazing block.

The chase started when a car was stopped in New Zealand's South Island for speeding and for not having licence plates.

The driver sped off and refused to stop despite several police cars joining the chase, a police spokesman said.

The Honda led police on a 90-minute chase, AFP reported.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that road spikes were used at several places and one set of spikes deflated one of the tyres, but the fugitives did not stop.

However, while on a road near the resort town of Queenstown, their escape came to an abrupt end when they were confronted by a flock of about 150 sheep.

The police were able to arrest the people in the car.


Two men, aged 19 and 23, have been charged with reckless driving, failing to stop for flashing lights, three thefts in relation to petrol drive-offs and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, reported the New Zealand Herald.

A male and a female, both aged 14, have been charged with three thefts in relation to petrol drive-offs and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.

Senior Sergeant Paula Enoka told the Sydney Morning Herald that the flock happened to be in the right place at the right time.

None of the sheep or the working dogs were injured during the incident.

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