Show of religious camaraderie outside Kuching court

KUCHING: There was a show of religious camaraderie outside the courtroom when the Catholic Archbishop of Kuching Simon Poh exited the courtroom after the federal court decision on the jurisdiction of apostasy cases on Tuesday.

A group of aggressive youth confronted him but, in a heartwarming scene, many Muslims surrounded the smiling archbishop and escorted him out of the complex, keeping the aggressive youth at arm's length.

Archbishop Poh said he was "not rattled" by the heckling youth, who were Muslims, and called for religious harmony to prevail.

He said: "There were many good people around to make sure I was okay. In Sarawak, we work as friends to maintain harmony in our state.

"Let us not allow emotions to overcome everything. I am sure the state authorities are watching, and we will do our best to rebuild harmony."

Archbishop Poh was earlier seen hugging two Muslim clerics after the apex court ruled that only the Syariah Court had the jurisdiction to hear apostasy cases. - THE STAR