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The Malaysian federal police are gathering evidence to level new charges against convicted paedophile Richard Huckle.

A senior officer involved in the investigation into the Huckle case told the New Straits Times that among the chief areas that they are probing was whether Huckle had accomplices.

Earlier this week, Huckle was sentenced to life in prison by a London court for abusing 23 Malaysian and Cambodian babies and children between 2006 and 2014.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim said the plan was to get Huckle extradited for new charges to be levelled against him.

Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte does not endorse extrajudicial killings, his spokesman said yesterday.

The comment came after scathing criticism from the UN chief Ban Ki-moon over Mr Duterte's plans for thousands of people to die in a war on crime.

Mr Duterte won last month's elections by a landslide. He pledged to end crime within six months by killing thousands of suspected criminals.

Said the spokesman: "The president-elect has not endorsed - cannot and will never endorse extrajudicial killings, they being contrary to law. He does not condone the killing of journalists nor any citizen for that matter, regardless of its purpose."

- AFP.

Police in Bangladesh have arrested more than 3,000 people in a nationwide crackdown, following a spate of gruesome murders.

Those detained include 37 suspected Islamist militants and hundreds of potential criminals who previously had warrants out against them, police said.

Bangladesh is reeling from a wave of brutal killings that have spiked in recent weeks. Religious minorities, secular thinkers and liberal activists have been the chief targets.

The arrested militants included 27 members of Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh, police said. It is one of the main domestic militant outfits blamed by the government for the killings.

- AFP.

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft flew by the Statue of Liberty in New York yesterday, ending the US portion of its bid to circle the globe using only solar power.

"It's absolutely incredible," Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg said over a live video feed as the iconic statue lit up the night below him.

The light, slow-moving aircraft later landed at New York's Kennedy Airport, completing the five-hour flight from Pennsylvania.

It was the 14th leg of a journey that began on March 9, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, and has taken it across Asia and the Pacific to the US. It will now attempt to cross the Atlantic to Europe and on to the Middle East.

- AFP.

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