Steven Seagal helps Duterte rally troops in Philippines

This article is more than 12 months old

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte brought in a special guest on Friday to rally troops battling the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria followers in the south - US action star Steven Seagal.

The 65-year-old joined Mr Duterte in a visit to an army camp on the island of Jolo.

He was there to impart martial wisdom to soldiers fighting the Abu Sayyaf, a band of Muslim extremists, some of whom have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Seagal told the soldiers: "I know you guys put your life on the line every day. I myself have done and will do the same thing so I understand this is serious business."

"I believe there is a formula that can help the armed forces, the police, the intelligence network to combat this very well. I am looking forward to discussing these things with President Duterte at a later time."

Although his military background is questionable, Seagal lectured the troops on how they have to steel themselves for a lengthy war of attrition.

A beaming Mr Duterte praised Seagal, telling the troops "he is a soldier so he is on the same wavelength with you when he talks". - AFP