Sydney valet drives Porsche under SUV as parking attempt goes awry

SYDNEY: A hotel valet gave a whole new meaning to the term double-parking when he accidentally drove a Porsche sports car under a sport utility vehicle outside a Sydney hotel.

The accident occurred near the Hyatt Regency Sydney in the city centre yesterday.

The valet was trying to park the Porsche when, instead of reversing, the car reportedly accelerated into the back of the Subaru SUV and ended up underneath it, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The authorities had to cut the driver out of the car as a large crowd watched during the morning rush hour, Australian Broadcasting Corp online said.

Hyatt Regency's director of sales and marketing, Mr Matthew Talbot, told the ABC the valet was not injured.

"Obviously the staff member was embarrassed and a little bit shocked, it kind of scooped the other car up, but the main thing is that he is okay."

A witness told the ABC: "I heard this revving and this bang and turned around and the Porsche was literally underneath this other car. It was crazy."

Another witness, Mr Jonathon Bayle, said: "When I first saw this, I thought it was being shot for a TV show or a movie, but apparently it is real." - THE STRAITS TIMES