Thai Princess sorry for causing problems by trying to run for PM

BANGKOK: A Thai princess has apologised after her short-lived candidacy for prime minister earned a royal rebuke from her brother, King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

Thailand has been mired in political drama since Friday last week, when Princess Ubolratana's name was submitted as a prime ministerial candidate by the Thai Raksa Chart Party for the March 24 election.

The party is allied with the powerful Shinawatra clan, which has won all elections since 2001 but whose billionaire patron, former premier Thaksin, lives in self-exile to avoid jail.

The party promised to adhere to the King's wishes and removed her as a candidate. The ElectionCommission also removed her from the candidates' list.

In an Instagram post late on Tuesday, the 67-year-old apologised for her role in the drama.

"I am sorry that my genuine intention to help work for the country and fellow Thai people has created a problem that shouldn't happen in this era," she wrote.

It was tagged with a hashtag #howcomeitsthewayitis.


But all this may be too late for the Thai Raksa Chart Party.

Thailand's Election Commission yesterday said it is seeking the disqualification of the party. It said in a statement that the Thai Raksa Chart Party had violated an electoral law with its nomination of the King's sister, which was "antagonistic towards the constitutional monarchy".

"Therefore, it is agreed that a petition will be submitted to the Constitutional Court to consider dissolving the Thai Raksa Chart Party," it said.

Thai Raksa Chart officials told reporters that the party did not violate the electoral law and it would ask the Constitutional Court to be "merciful".

The court said it would decide today whether or not to accept the case.

If found guilty, the party would be dissolved, and its board members banned from standing for political office. - AFP, REUTERS