Transgenders can remain in US military until study completed: Mattis

This article is more than 12 months old

WASHINGTON US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Tuesday that current policy regarding transgender personnel serving in the military would remain in place until he advises President Donald Trump on how to implement his directive on a transgender ban.

Mr Mattis said in a statement that he would set up a panel of experts to provide recommendations.

Mr Trump signed a memorandum last Friday directing the military not to accept transgender men and women as recruits and halting the use of government funds for sex-reassignment surgeries for active personnel unless the process is already under way.

The memorandum called on Mr Mattis to submit a plan to Mr Trump by Feb 21 next year on how to implement the changes.

Mr Mattis said he expects to issue other guidance "including any necessary interim adjustments to procedures, to ensure the continued combat readiness of the force until our final policy on this subject is issued".- REUTERS

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