Trump, Macron 'bromance’' draws late night laughs in US

France's President Emmanuel Macron urged the United States to embrace multilateralism and warned of the perils of trade war and "extreme nationalism" in an address to Congress pushing back against US President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda.

The French leader's feisty speech to lawmakers was a dramatic twist at the end of a three-day visit that had showcased his warm relationship with Mr Trump, despite the gulf between their visions of world affairs.

"We can build the 21st century world order based on a new breed of multilateralism, based on a more effective, accountable, and result-oriented multilateralism," Mr Macron said, defending the rules-based world order.

Mr Trump has threatened to tear up trade deals, scorns the UN, accuses US allies of not pulling their weight, walked away from the Paris climate accord and hates dealing with bodies like the European Union.

The huge gulf between the two leaders' worldviews lies in stark contrast to their personal interactions. Firm handshakes, warm embraces, kisses, even a bit of grooming: The "bromance" between Mr Macron and Mr Trump provided plenty of material for America's late night TV comedians. - AFP

"Trump and Macron have an interesting relationship. Trump very much needs a friend, because most of his old ones are going to prison."

- Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel referring to Mr Trump's legal woes

"And Donald Trump, really, he cannot keep his hands off this guy."

- Kimmel, before showing television clips of affectionate embraces between the pair

"Compared to holding hands with Melania, he and Macron just performed the kama sutra together. Which one is he married to again?"

- The Late Show host Stephen Colbert

"But clearly Macron made Trump feel a way he's never ever felt before - human... I know it's a cliche but that's a bromance. That's more affection than he's ever shown Melania."

- The Daily Show host Trevor Noah

"President Trump welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House at 5:15 pm this evening - and they are still shaking hands."

- Late Night host Seth Meyers showing footage of both men sharing an extremely long handshake similar to one the pair had shared last year