Two flee crash scene, leaving dead friend behind

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Pick-up carrying three men rams lorry with construction workers

Three friends were travelling in a pick-up truck when it rammed into a lorry on the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban highway early on Wednesday.

The driver and another man fled the scene, leaving their dead friend behind, Malay Mail reported.

The duo had run away in panic, thinking they had hit the workers seated at the back of the lorry.

Firemen later extricated the body of 22-year-old R. Karthik from the front passenger seat of the pick-up.

The accident happened after the pick-up swerved from the fast lane and hit the rear of the lorry that was carrying workers who had been collecting traffic cones after painting the road.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) S. Markandan said the collision caused serious injuries to the pick-up truck's front passenger, who died at the scene, while his friends escaped with minor injuries.

The two fled, abandoning the damaged vehicle as well as the mangled body of their friend in it.

"We believe the two men panicked and fled when they saw construction workers crowding around the wreckage," said DSP Markandan.

He added that the police were searching for the men.

Witnesses said the two men suffered light injuries and could have gone to seek treatment at a hospital.

But checks at hospitals around Kuala Lumpur did not show any records of the two seeking medical help.

The lorry driver and the construction workers were not injured.


Meanwhile, five people were killed and four others seriously injured in a head-on collision between a tanker and a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck about 80km from Sandakan, Sabah.

It is learnt that the dead were three adults and two children. They were killed on the spot in the 5am incident yesterday, The Star reported.

The identities of the dead and the injured are yet to be known.

The lorry driver suffered light injuries.

It could not be immediately ascertained how many people were in the mangled Toyota and the tanker, which had overturned on impact, the report said.

We believe the two men panicked and fled when they saw construction workers crowding around the wreckage.

- Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) S. Markandan

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