Wristband gives you an electric shock when you miss a target

This article is more than 12 months old

Skipped the gym? Zap. Woke up late? Zap. Took the lift instead of the stairs? Zap.

A new fitness band called Pavlok aims to jolt you into adopting good habits.

The wristband delivers an electric shock when you fail to meet a set target.

For example, if you set your alarm to ring at six, but hit the snooze button when it was time to wake, the Pavlok would deliver a little zap and get you on your feet.

Besides giving a jolt of electricity, the Pavlok can also be set to post Facebook messages on your wall about your various failures or give your money away for you.

Talk about a negative incentive.

But it's not all bad. Those who stick to their goals are rewarded with lottery tickets and money.

The Pavlok can be used to change even the most harmless of habits, like having too many tabs open in a browser.

Just make sure you don't assign your enemy as the person in charge of tracking your progress. Otherwise, you may get a extra few shocks when you least expect it.

Inventor Maneesh Sethi said: "Pavlok is the first bracelet designed to actually change your habits, and not just measure what you already do."

He added: "Essentially, it's a wristband that electrocutes you into submission action."

If this sounds totally crazy to you, you're not alone. Even the inventor thinks so.

But "sometimes, crazy works", he explains.

For your sake, Mr Sethi, you better hope it does.

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