Xmas drama at M'sia zoo: Tiger escapes, re-captured hours later

It was drama at high noon at Perak's Taiping Zoo yesterday (Dec 25).

That's when a Malayan tiger broke out of its enclosure, leaving park officials scampering to clear visitors and capture the animal.

The big cat's freedom was short-lived when it was captured about three hours after its escape, reported Malaysian Insider, quoting Malay-language daily Harian Metro.

Taiping Municipal Council president Datuk Ab Rahim Md Ariff said zoo management ordered all visitors out when the tiger escaped at about noon.

When zoo workers found the animal in the bushes near the Taiping Lake Gardens,they used two transquiliser darts to knock it out.

He said:

"It is believed the tiger broke out of the enclosure out of fear.
"Maybe it got afraid because there is maintenance work being carried out close to its enclosure." 

Rahim said the tiger was then taken back to the zoo and treated by a veterinarian. The zoo was reopened to visitors at about 4pm.

The Taiping Zoo and Night Safari is home to over 180 species of animals, including big cats like tigers and lions and safari animals.

Sources: Malaysian Insider, Harian Metro