Yes, you can now use WhatsApp on your computer - here's how

One of the world's most popular messaging apps is now available on the web.

WhatsApp has announced that its users will be able to access their chats on computers by pairing their mobiles phones with a WhatsApp Web Client, according to a blog post published on Wednesday (Jan 21).  

However, there is one major limitation to this setup - iPhone users will not be able to use it (for the time being) due to "Apple platform limitations".   

Here's how to get started (note: phones must remain connected to the Internet during setup):     

1. Visit using Google Chrome on a computer. 

2. A QR code will appear.

3. User will need to open WhatsApp and click "WhatsApp Web" from the menu to take a photo of the code using their phone. (Remember to update your WhatsApp app first.)

4. The app will paired with the computer.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, did not explain why it set up this service.

However, it is not the first messaging app to offer such a service.

China's messaging platforms WeChat and Line currently offer similar features.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Sky News, Forbes