Young people play their part in helping people in queues

This article is more than 12 months old

Several young people have stepped up by showing kindness to those who came to pay their respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Heeding the call for volunteers by the National Youth Council to distribute water, Miss Celeste Lim, 21, a student, said she volunteered because she thought it was amazing how Singaporeans from all walks of life had gathered to pay their last respects.



"I think it's quite an amazing feat, and I feel that I should step up whenever I can and sacrifice for the nation," she said.

"Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a source of inspiration, and without him, Singapore wouldn't be where we are today."

Her friend and fellow volunteer, Mr Gurjeevaan Singh, 25, also a student, said: "It's actually dinner time, and many people are hungry, so I just want to give them some snacks while they wait in line."

Mr Gurjeevaan Singh and Miss Celeste Lim gave out snacks to people waiting in line. 

Another volunteer, Miss Michelle Oh, 20, who is waiting to enter university, said she volunteered because she actually wanted to queue to pay her respects, but found the queue too long.

"Me and my friends are of the younger generation and didn't live in his era, but I'm still grateful for what he has done," she said.

"So we decided to help the public and give them water. It's like indirectly giving thanks to him also."

Singapore Management University student Koh Kang Liang, 22, was back outside the Padang yesterday evening to give food to those queuing to enter Parliament House. 

On Wednesday (March 25), he was spotted by The New Paper giving out 20 McChicken burgers because he was concerned that some in the queue might be hungry. 

Yesterday (March 26), he went down with four friends and his brother to give out about $400 worth of burgers and fruit.

Mr Koh (third from right) and his brother and friends distributed $400 worth of food on Thursday. Photos: Latashni Gobi Nathan/TNP

“We came down after class, after work, from home,” he said. “We used mostly our own money and we’ll probably split the cost among ourselves.”


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