Aptitude and passion play pivotal roles in early admission to polytechnics

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Students doing their O levels can find out what the polytechnic route has to offer and gain early admission to polytechnics

If you are keen on receiving an industry-focused education and mastering employable skills, enrolling in a polytechnic may be a good fit.

Mr William Chan, Deputy Director of the Department of Academic Services at Singapore Polytechnic (SP), tells us more about polytechnic education and the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE).

Q: Where can a polytechnic education take me?         

Whether you are heading for university or entering the workforce, a polytechnic education leading to a diploma qualification gives you the domain knowledge to excel in your chosen specialization.

SP offers 40 full-time diploma courses in areas such as architecture, applied sciences, engineering, information and digital technology and business, as well as three common entry programmes. Over 100 student clubs and sport teams are available as co-curricular activities (CCAs).

Our students can expect academic rigour, internships, industry attachments, project work, CCAs and more. Internships or industry attachments offer opportunities to further discover your interests, and hone skill sets that are highly regarded by employers and in demand.

Q: What is the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)?  

The EAE allows applicants to secure early conditional places in diploma programmes through course-specific aptitudes and passions, rather than just academic results, even before the applicant receives his or her examination results.

EAE acceptance is based on an applicant’s aptitude, passion, interests, portfolio and performance at the interview.


Q: What types of applicants is Singapore Polytechnic (SP) looking to attract via the EAE?

The EAE is not an avenue to “grab” a place in a polytechnic. Applicants should not have the wrong mindset that the application is to “reserve” a place in a polytechnic early.  

Rather, this pathway is for applicants who have the aptitudes as well as demonstrable and sustained passions for their choice course of study. SP is looking to accept applicants with the appropriate aptitudes and passions to be intrinsically motivated to excel in their course of study.

Q: Which aspects must applicants consider if they choose to apply for the EAE?

They need to be clear about their aptitudes and should be able to demonstrate their passions for the course they wish to enrol in.

Acceptance is based on applicants’ aptitudes, passions, and quality of portfolio, as well as their performance at aptitude tests and interviews.

A portfolio is a set of materials to demonstrate an applicant’s aptitude and passion for the course he or she applied for. It showcases evidence of relevant projects and interests, certificates of relevant achievements, leadership appointments, active participation in CCAs, competitions, etc.

Q: How can I apply?

EAE applicants who are sitting for their O levels this year can visit, and apply from June 21 to June 27.

Q: When will I know if my application is successful?

Offers will be made to successful applicants during end August. EAE applicants may view and accept their offers on the online application system. A student who accepts his or her EAE offer during this stage is guaranteed a place in the polytechnic course, as long as he or she meets the admission criteria.  These criteria are not hard to meet but it is important that the applicants continue to study hard after securing a conditional offer.

He or she who accepts an EAE offer cannot concurrently accept an offer from a junior college via the Direct School Admission–Junior Colleges (DSA-JC) exercise.  

Q: Which websites can I visit for more information?

Interested students can visit and for more details.