Ahead of World Cup clash, no flour or foam for ordinary Colombians

Come July 5, Colombians living in their capital Bogota will have shave without their shaving foams and go without flour for at least a day.

In a move to maintain public order, the Colombia has decreed a ban on the sale of shaving foams, flour and alcohol.

This is because Colombians often celebrate by dousing people in shaving cream or making flour "bombs".

The police are looking to stamp the practise because it can and has led to fights. 

After Colombia's victory against Uruguay on last Saturday (June 28), the authorities have recorded more than 3,200 fights from which 34 people were hurt in post game violence.

So ahead of their quarter finals clash against Brazil this Saturday (Jul 5), they have imposed the ban in an attempt to ensure that calm reigns on the streets of Bogota. 

I guess there just won't be any celebratory cakes that day. 

Source: AFP, YouTube


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