LeBron Jr plays just like his dad

Like father, like son.

Basketball star LeBron James’ son’s hoop skills has made him the subject of frenzied interest from colleges in America who are interested in offering him a sports scholarship.

And LeBron James Jr is only 10.

His famous father isn’t too pleased by all the attention.

“Yeah, he’s already got some offers from colleges,” James said on Wednesday.

“It’s pretty crazy. It should be a violation. You shouldn’t be recruiting 10-year-old kids.”

Having himself been the subject of the recruitment circus when he was the most sought-after player in basketball in his teens, the Cleveland Cavaliers star understandably wants to shield his child from a similar situation.

'Let him be a kid'

Said the 30-year-old: “My son’s going to be a kid as long as he can be.

“He loves to play the game of basketball, he loves to play video games, he loves to do his homework, that’s all that matters.

“Everything else doesn’t matter. He loves his brother and sister, his dad, his mum, his grandmas. Let him be a kid.”

But James himself should shoulder part of the blame for the hype surrounding his son, having tweeted a video of his son starring at a high-level youth tournament.

Said the NBA star: “He plays just like I did. He has great awareness, and he’d rather pass first and set guys up. Most kids nowadays just want to score.”

Chip off the old block? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Source: ESPN, Huffington Post

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