Argentine fans sing a song of Brazilian humiliation

As Brazil begin their inquest into their spectacular humiliation at Germany's hands last Tuesday, they would do well to ignore the song that the Argentines have been singing throughout the tournament.

Set to the tune of Creedance Clearwater Rival's 1969 hit song Bad Moon Rising, the song touches on the eventual humiliation of the Brazilians on home ground and Argentina's Lionel Messi will eventually raise the World cup aloft in triumph.


When translated, the songs add salt to the wounds of the Brazilians who are still reeling from the shock of their manner of their defeat.




The song is similar to ones sung in the stadiums during Argentine football club games, reported the New York Times.  

Adopted by fans at the start of the World Cup, it has now become the unofficial anthem for a nation looking to chase a historic victory on the grounds of their football rivals.

Guess what, even the Argentine players have joined in the fun.

A grainy video was uploaded onto YouTube of the team supposedly celebrating their win against Belgium last Saturday (July 5).



Though it might be be sung by thousands of bouncing Argentines currently making hay in the Brazilian sun but there is still the small matter of winning the trophy.

They face a rampant Germany in the final on Monday morning (July 14).

We are sure that this song will be sung once or twice.

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