Shanti pulls up injured in 100m final

Sprinter Veronica Shanti Pereira went from delight to despair in three hours on the first day of the Singapore Open Track and Field Championships yesterday.

She equalled her 11.73sec national record in the 100m heats to advance fourth fastest. But, barely 30m into the final, she pulled up with a pained expression on her face but managed to hobble across the finish line at the National Stadium.

Coach Margaret Oh told The Straits Times: "She told me she had felt good before the race, and she felt she was going to perform well. But then the injury happened, and she didn't understand why... She was so frustrated."

Pereira told ST: "It's unfortunate to get this injury now. I was really happy with my heats and was excited for the final... I feel bummed that I have to miss the 200m tomorrow too, but I'm just focused on my recovery now." - SAZALI ABDUL AZIZ