Ex-Liverpool man pays for Denmark's Homeless World Cup side

Daniel Agger lent a helping hand to get Denmark's homeless football team to Chile the 2014 Homeless World Cup.

The ex-Liverpool defender (who now plays for Danish side Brondby) dug into his own pocket to pay for airfare to the event, happening in October.

The amount he shelled out? £2,100 (S$4,277), which the team struggled to raise.

Still, some praise is due: Charity worker Frits Ahlstrom said Agger made the offer the moment he heard about the team's predicament, the Mirror reported.

Ahlstrom recalled Agger immediately saying: "I'll give it to you.

"There is no substitute for class and Daniel has it on as well as off the field – as a player and a person." he added.

Homeless World Cup

And if you are wondering what exactly is the Homeless World Cup, it's an annual competition among various homeless people from around the world.

The Scottish and Austrian founders hope to use football to "energise homeless people so they can change their own lives".

Started in 2003, past winners include Ukraine, Afghanistan and of course the country that gave the world the Beautiful Game, Brazil.

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