10 most expensive British transfers - where are they now?

Louis van Gaal's record-breaking swoop for Angel Di Maria this week has been much discussed, and his debut in Manchester United's game against Burnley tonight will be closely watched. 

But how will he fare? 

Van Gaal himself has warned that fans "cannot expect after two days’ training that Di Maria is the miracle".

It's likely going to take a while to get fans to forget the thrashing United received at the hands of third division side Milton Keynes Dons. 

But something tells us Di Maria won't fall as flat as some other previous record-breaking transfers have.

Presenting: Where are they now - Top 10 British transfers edition

1) Angel Di Maria – Real Madrid to Manchester United for £59.7 million (S$123.7 million) - 2014

2) Fernando Torres – Liverpool to Chelsea for £50 million - 2011

The "most expensive mistake in the club's history"? In any case ...

3) Mesut Ozil – Real Madrid to Arsenal for £42.4 million - 2013.

One year on, he's been turned into a horse by the makers of FIFA 15. 

4) Sergio Aguero – Atletico Madrid to Manchester City for £38 million - 2011

Nice abs, bro. 

5) Juan Mata – Chelsea to Manchester United for £37.1 million - 2014

6) Andy Carroll – Newcastle United to Liverpool for £35 million - 2011

Ouch ...

7) Alexis Sanchez – Barcelona to Arsenal for £35 million - 2014

8) Robinho – Real Madrid to Manchester City for £32.5 million - 2008

Possibly off to another City soon ...

9) Eden Hazard – Lille to Chelsea for £32 million - 2012

10) Diego Costa – Atletico Madrid to Chelsea for £32 million - 2014

Source: Reuters