The 12th man speaks

We ask you, the fans, to say why Singapore can win the Suzuki Cup for a fifth time. Here are your views...

The name SINGAPORE says it all:










- Herianti Samsudin

Stange is the man whom we've entrusted with our best,

Igniting our Lions to play like men possessed.

No more excuses cos we're at home,

Grand big dome where we'll defend our throne.

Attack without fear for we've our Fab Five,

Potent strikeforce which will skin all alive.

Oh, and don't forget, we've got Hariss,

Rearguard protector who'll make sure they all miss.

Expect nothing less, than the fifth star on our chest!

- Jeffrey Low Kai Syang

Rest of Asean, be wary!

In goal, we've got Mr Reliable, Hassan Sunny.

Upfront, there's the fast and nippy Khairul Amri,

trading passes with Shahril Ishak, our Captain Mighty.

No more Raddy? Don't worry.

Donning the performance-boosting Nike jersey, Lions, Just Do It and go for Suzuki Cup glory!

- Tay Chian Yong


Underdogs? No flair players? Young and inexperienced? No match for regional neighbours?

Bring it on! All the detractors and naysayers will only serve to galvanise our boys.

Hear the Lions roar, backed up by the 12th man in our own den!

- Lim Wan Ling

The Lions will win the Suzuki Cup because a lot is at stake.

Besides national pride, the Lions have the opportunity to make history by winning their first major tournament at the new National Stadium. A victory will also give Singaporeans much cheer as we celebrate 50 years of independence next year.

- Phoebe Wong Yen Qing

The Lions are on the prowl,

The Lions are going to show their true prowess,

The Lions are going on the hunt and attack their prey in their own den,

The fans will roar them on and the Cup will be theirs.

- Annadurai V

Singapore can win the Suzuki Cup for a fifth time because of:

1) The coach. With Bernd Stange at the helm, our opponents will be overwhelmed!

2) The players. With a great blend of old and new, our hopes will be renewed!

3) The 12th man. As our new stadium welcomes the fans, all our opponents will pee in their pants!

- Elton Tham

I strongly believe the current team have what it takes to win the Suzuki Cup for a fifth time.

First, the Lions have a balanced squad of exciting young talent and experienced players.

What I am most proud about the current side is that all the players are local-born, without relying on foreign talent.

Credit goes to the FAS and the current coach Bernd Stange for grooming young talented players such as Faris Ramli.

With the new National Stadium, the loyal supporters will become the Lions' 12th man.

Lastly, with Singapore co-hosting the Suzuki Cup, it will encourage our team to give their very best and win the Cup to celebrate our 50th birthday next year.

- Maliki Ismail

Singapore will win the Suzuki Cup because we have a very good mix of young and senior players.

With our participation in the Malaysian Super League, some of the national players who are also LionsXII players have the experience of playing in front of big crowds.

Lastly, we will have the 12th man. The Kallang Roar will definitely be back!

- Badrul Hisham bin Jahir

Semangat will carry the Lions to their fifth title.

The Kallang Roar will spur the Lions to put the fifth star on their jerseys to signify 50 years of nation building.

A 100 per cent local-born team will put the icing on the birthday cake.

- David Tan Kok Kheng

Under Bernd Stange, the current Lions are more of a mixture of youth and experience.

With more younger players, the emphasis is on speed which will match our opponents, especially Thailand.

Judging from recent matches, the Lions play a more possession brand of football instead of long balls, and that is crucial in international matches.

- Ang Kwan Yang

The Lions must summon the bravery, courage and determination and turn the new National Stadium into a fortress which will strike fear into our opponents.

It's the right time to lift the Suzuki Cup for a fifth time on our home soil in front of our own supporters. Majulah Singapura!

- Hassan Basri Sofwan

We will win the Suzuki Cup for a fifth time because of:

  • National coach Bernd Stange. It takes time for the Lions to adapt to his ideas but I believe they have done that and are peaking at the right time for their title defence.
  • New National Stadium. The supporters will be out in full force like the old Kallang days.
  • Strong leadership - Shahril Ishak and Hariss Harun form the backbone of the team.
  • And, of course, there's Khairul Amri, our lucky striker who has scored in three finals.

- Aaron Huang

As a die-hard local football fan, I grew up watching the likes of the late Dollah Kassim and Quah Kim Song.

I have full confidence in our young but extremely committed Lions.

Our coach Bernd Stange and his backroom staff will ensure that we will be crowned kings of Asean football for a fifth time.

Moreover, the Lions will be made up of 22 local-born players, all trying their very best to bring glory and honour to themselves, their families and their country.

What a way to celebrate our 50th birthday next year by winning the Suzuki Cup!

- Richard Tham Kah Soon

Singapore can win the Suzuki Cup for a fifth time.

Bernd Stange's brand of football with crisp passing and quick tempo can easily demolish opponents.

We have game-changers in the team and, most importantly, our vociferous 12th man will motivate our Lions to go for goals.

- Donald Chew

Singapore have experienced heads guiding the exciting young talents. This creates a right balance.

Also, having an all-Singaporean team with no foreign-born players will spur on the players even more.

The 12th man at full voice will prove the crucial difference.

- Sarish Singh Mohar

Singapore can win the Suzuki Cup for the fifth time because we have the five stars shining on us.

The five stars on our flag. It represents our resilience, teamwork, honour, passion and courage.

- Carol Jacinta Lim Yin Shan

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