5 facts about hot Thai football player Charyl Chappuis

Charyl Chappuis is making the girls go wild, judging by the flurry of tweets about the Thai football player during Wednesday's ‎AFF Suzuki Cup‬ match against Malaysia

And it is easy to see why.

As one tweet put it: "Thailand player, Chappuis, looks like the Asian version of Ronaldo."


And you know what's better? The Thai player has the skills to boot.

What more could a girl want?

Here are five facts about the Thai hottie that everyone has their eyes on.

1. He was born and raised in Switzerland.

Chappuis was born in the town of Kloten. His father is Swiss, while his mother is Thai.

While he was raised in Switzerland, he did visit Thailand during the holidays with his family.

Up until 2011, Chappuis was still playing for Switzerland. He even won the 2009 U-17 Fifa World Cup with the country.

It was only in 2013 that he switched to represent Thailand and play for Thai football club Buriram United.

He gets some flak from detractors who say he's not very Thai.




2. He is 1.76m-tall and weighs 71kg.

Knowing the vital stats of Chappuis is a must, if you're a fan.

You also need to know which foot he favours: The right one.

The dashing midfielder was born on January 12, 1992.

While he was on loan to Suphanburi this year, he will playing full-time for the football club next year.




3. He has almost 240,000 followers on Instagram.

Think you're one of the first to like this football hottie? Think again.

Chappuis already has close to 240,000 followers. And the number is set to grow judging by the amount of love he got during Wednesday's ‎AFF Suzuki Cup‬ match against Malaysia. 




4. He once twisted his knee while celebrating a goal.

Chappuis twisted his knee while celebrating a goal during an AFC Champions League match in 2013, and couldn't play for three months.



5. He wants you to like him for his football skills, not his looks.

Chappuis knows he's good-looking. But he rather his fans concentrate on his skills as a football player.

He recently told ESPN FC: "Yes, of course I like it (the attention), it is a great feeling. But in the end, it is also difficult to handle because you don't know if they like you just for your looks or for your football skills. And for me, I hope it's football."

And he does actually have the skills. Chappuis scored from the penalty spot against Malaysia during their first leg soccer match final of the AFF Suzuki Cup in Bangkok on Wednesday.



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