Angry Liverpool fans bite into Dunkin Donuts over crest campaign

Dunkin Donuts must have thought it was cute.

But the American company, with whom Liverpool signed a multi-million pound deal last year to be their “official coffee, tea and bakery provider”, angered the Merseyside club fans when they tweeted out an altered version of the club’s crest.

It has since deleted the tweet and apologised.

And no wonder.

The Shankly Gates on the crest were replaced by what looked like donuts and a cup of coffee, and the slogan “You’ll never walk alone” was substituted by “America runs on Dunkin’”.

The Hillsborough eternal flames at the sides were also swopped with what looked like milkshakes.

In a statement released on Wednesday night they said: “We apologise for any insensitivity regarding our tweet supporting an LFC-themed promotion featuring the LFC Crest.

“As a proud partner of LFC, we did not intend any offence, particularly to the Club’s supporters. We have removed the tweet and halted the campaign immediately.”

Source: Liverpool Echo, The Guardian

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