Arsenal fan makes his girlfriend take the ultimate test of love

How do you measure someone's love for you?

Well, for this Arsenal fan, he made his girlfriend take an actual exam to test her knowledge of the football club he supports - Arsenal Football Club.

Lucky for the girl, she passed the exam with a pretty impressive score of 87 per cent.

She posted a picture of her results and her test on her twitter account, @saskiaisabxlla.



Her reward for achieving such a stellar grade was that she gets to keep the love of a very devoted Arsenal fan, who just happens to be her boyfriend. 

The unidentified boyfriend even gave her some "feedback" on the cover of her test paper.


​We wonder if he has plans for a 10-year series - that might really help the girlfriend improve her score.

Her post has gone viral with her original post being retweeted over 15,000 times.

It has even inspired some to put their partners love to the (sporting) test.

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Source: Daily Mail, Twitter