Chelsea gunning for Xavi... the 12-year-old version

Chelsea are after a La Masia-bred midfielder named Xavi. And he’s only 12.

Named after Xavi Hernandez, Xavi Simons was born in Amsterdam but moved to Alicante in Spain along with his father, former Dutch top-flight player Regillio Simons.

Xavi joined Barcelona’s youth ranks at seven and has become arguably the standout player of his age-group, starring in the prestigious La Liga Promises tournament.

Barca signed a young Andres Iniesta from Albacete after he impressed in a previous edition of the Under-12 tournament.

And Chelsea are trying to get their hands on the latest prodigy from the La Masia production line.

‘We have spoken to Chelsea, and you know it’s going to be good money at Chelsea,” said Simons, who works in Ajax Amsterdam’s academy.

Big club

“Agents approach me to say they are working for English clubs or Spanish clubs. It can’t touch me. I’m not someone who will be starry-eyed.

“Barcelona is already a big club and it brings him some kind of pressure, and he is handling it well. That’s good for me.”

Xavi himself seems to be a level-headed young lad, according to his dad.

Said Simons: “We are lucky. He has a very sober attitude. He comes home with the MVP trophy, but he doesn’t look at it. He is busy with other things, playing on his telephone.

“When he plays, he looks professional. He’s a big guy, arranging things around him, but as soon as he’s off the pitch, he’s a kid.”

Watch Xavi in action below.



Source: Mail Online

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