English journalist covers Juergen Klopp's press conference. The result? Hilarious posts

Juergen Klopp quitting Borussia Dortmund is big news.

So the UK daily The Telegraph sent a journalist to Germany to live-blog the media conference.

But the moment the first words were uttered, poor Ben Bloom realised that he was in trouble. Germans, well, they speak German.

Three minutes into the conference, Bloom kind of waved the white flag.




Klopp has just sat down to face the media...


Right we have a slight issue... they are speaking in German and my GCSE in the subject isn’t much help. What I can deduce is that the bloke currently speaking (I’m assuming he’s the Dortmund chief exec or something) genuinely sounds like someone has died. He’s properly choked. Oh he just said “fantastisch”. I’m guessing he wasn’t describing Klopp’s decision to leave the club.

Why can’t I speak German???????

And the posts became increasingly hilarious.

Soon, news of his plight spread on Twitter like wildfire.

One, by the username of Messi Minutes, tweeted: “Greatest. Livefeed. Ever. @benbloomsport covers Klopp’s press conference earlier...without knowing a word of German!”

We recommend that you read the full live blog here. It made our day.


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