Fifa won't sanction Robben for his comments

Arjen Robben defended his admission of diving during Holland's last-16 victory over Mexico yesterday morning (Singapore time), as Fifa confirmed he would not be punished for his remarks.

Robben, who won a match-winning penalty as the Dutch downed Mexico 2-1, whipped up a storm of controversy, after telling Dutch television he had dived in an earlier incident.

The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) hit out at the way Robben's comments had been reported, insisting he had been misinterpreted.

But, speaking a few hours after Fifa confirmed he would face no disciplinary action over his comments, Robben admitted that he had made "one stupid action".

Asked for his reaction to the furore, Robben said: "It's a shame because I was very honest. Sometimes, honesty is punished. I prefer honesty.

"During the first half, there was a foul, I went to the ground because I thought he would tackle, but then he removed his leg.

"It's a pity because people forget a great performance by the entire team. And that's the main thing. Sometimes I am honest. I apologise, but that's football.

"It was one stupid action, and it had no influence on the game. We had two clear penalties, only one was given. No need to talk about it any more."

Fifa spokeswoman Delia Fischer earlier ruled out any possibility of retrospective actions when asked about Robben's post-match comments.

Fischer said sanctioning after the fact applied only to "serious infringements of foul play which have escaped the notice of the match officials". - AFP.

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