Is this football's worst tackle? It only led to a yellow card though

Some tackles are so bad they make you cringe and hope football studs were never invented.

Then there are those so bad that you wish you had not seen the challenge at all.

There was plenty at stake during last Saturday’s CAF Super Cup (Africa’s equivalent of the Uefa Super Cup), of course.

And you can’t really blame the players from TP Mazembe (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia) for the studs flying everywhere.

But Mazembe’s young defender Kabaso Chongo took it to another level altogether when he stabbed, at full-speed, right into Etoile du Sahiel’s Drame Michailou’s family jewels with a high boot.

Amazingly, Chongo escaped with only a yellow card, as Michailou writhed on the ground as he should.

And, no, justice wasn’t served in the end either, as Mazembe went on to win the match 2-1.

Source: Mirror Online


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