Gullit ends Dutch role in war of words

Ruud Gullit is no longer going to assist Danny Blind with coaching Holland's national team, after he traded words on Friday with the Dutch football association (KNVB) over his job demands.

Gullit, after a verbal agreement to take up the post, has not been given the job because he wanted to take over the team once Blind's tenure ended, the association's technical director Hans van Breukelen said.

But the former European Footballer of Year has denied that that was one of the reasons why negotiations broke down.

"What van Breukelen says is not true," Gullit told Dutch radio station NOS.

"I asked the association to give me a paper to guarantee that once Blind leaves, I can renegotiate my position.

"Van Breukelen said that was logical, but refused to put it in my contract."

Gullit, 53, said he was astonished the KNVB would not agree to a departure clause.

"I do not understand it. A clause to be able to leave if you receive a better offer is completely normal in the football world. Everyone has such a clause, but van Breukelen would not agree to it."

- Reuters.