Hot model: I freestyle better than Messi

This gorgeous Argentine model says she can "obviously" beat superstar Lionel Messi when it comes to freestyling with a football.

There is substance behind the boast. 

TV star Fiorella Castillo, 24, usually juggles in her heels and was featured in a McDonald's World Cup ad for her keepie uppie skills.

 Argentine model Fiorella Castillo juggling on the Ipanema beach.

In her latest video, she juggles at  Ipanema beach in Brazil and challenges a random group of people, including one wearing a Messi jersey, to freestyling.

She claims she beat 800 men on that famous beach on Sunday (June 29). 

Castillo then verbally takes on the Atomic Flea. 

"If I would win against Messi? Obviously. Playing "jueguitos" (freestyling) I win against him for sure," she tells Ruptly TV, in Spanish.

She even juggles while hanging from the goal bar. Enjoy her videos above.

Fiorella Castillo

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