Lehmann: Sane must have right mentality at Man City

Can German wunderkind Leroy Sane fulfil his potential with Manchester City?

It depends very much on his desire for success, says former Die Mannschaft goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, who is in town to promote the Bundesliga, of the 20-year-old Manchester City newbie.

After three years at Schalke - one of Lehmann's former teams - Sane joined City this month for a fee that could rise up to £46.5 million ($82.7m).

Sane, who has four caps for Germany, is regarded by many as a special talent.

But Lehmann warned: "If a young guy, very talented guy, goes there for a lot of money, we'll see if he can force himself to become better, or if he will think, 'I've made it now. I have enough money for the rest of my life'."

When asked further about Sane's potential, Lehmann said: "Right now, (Germany) have a lot of guys with a lot of potential. Did we become European champions? Nope.

"So, sometimes it's human that when you are spoiled that much at an early age, you take it easy.

"And all of a sudden, there are some other guys who can force themselves to be better. And a team like Portugal can be champions."

After seeing how Pep Guardiola led an already dominant Bayern team to even greater heights, he backed the "world-class" Spaniard to change mindsets at City.

"His only challenge will be to make his players understand what he wants," said Lehmann.

"Because when you go to the Premier League, (players there) are not used to big tactical approach, or different tactical set-ups.

"They think, 'We have enough money. If you don't play well, we have to buy new players'. But Guardiola, and also Antonio Conte (Chelsea's new manager), can change that."