Liverpool deletes video of England's Daniel Sturridge taking questions from kids

Liverpool FC posted a hilarious video on YouTube on Thursday (June 19) of Daniel Sturridge taking questions from kids. But within hours, they removed the video and deleted their tweet about it.

Why? We have no idea. The video seemed harmless enough.

It had all the questions we've never thought to ask.

Is the England player good at climbing trees? Does he make a beard out of bubbles in a bath? How far can he swim underwater?

It also had some questions we already know the answer to.

Is he rich? How much does he earn?

Yes, little dearies, he's rich. He earns £70,000 (S$149,000) a week at Liverpool, and if reports are right, he will soon see his salary double.

Unfortunately, you can't watch the video anymore. But here's seven out of the gazillion​ questions that the kids asked. And boy, does Sturridge have a sense of humour.

1. Are you rich?

If you're rich, you know, money doesn't define you being rich. It's about being rich at heart and about being rich on the inside. So I would say I am rich, yeah.

2. Have you ever killed an ant?

Are there like RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or is there anybody watching out there that's like gonna get me in trouble for this? I have done it, many times, when I was younger. Obviously. (Laughter)

3. If you were to be Superman or Batman, who would you be?

Batman, Batman, definitely Batman​. 

4. Do you wear a baseball cap backwards?

Yes. All the time.

5. Do you get excited when air planes take off?

Excited? I get scared.

6. Do you ever make a beard with bubble bath?

I have done it, I'm not gonna lie. I have done that in the past. Not recently. But I have.

7. If you had a dog, what would you call it?

I had a dog. She was called Roxy. She died. (Looks upset) Bad times.

Here's the YouTube video and tweet before they deleted it.

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