Long ball winds Wenger up, says former Arsenal midfielder

Former Arsenal midfielder Thomas Eisfeld has revealed what gets a usually-quiet Arsene Wenger riled up — playing a long ball.

The 22-year-old German, who joined Fulham last year and is on loan at Bochum, praised Wenger’s style of management and told that long balls are not tolerated in training.

“Arsenal stand for a certain kind of football,” said Eisfield.

“Wenger has formed the club and he emphasises the beauty of the game.

“If you play a long ball in training, you would get some words — even from the other players.

“Wenger is very quiet, doesn’t talk much. During training sessions, he rarely corrects something.

“Only after having finished, he will talk to you, two or three sentences. And that is what you remember for a long time.

“In general, he is a person everybody respects, absolutely.”

Eisfeld also claimed that, despite failing to make the grade at the Emirates Stadium, he doesn’t regret his time there.

He said he will join the Gunners again if he got the chance.