Mourinho set to drop players for United’s FA Cup semi-final

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is ready to drop established players for the FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday morning (Singapore time) after their weekend defeat by English Premier League bottom side West Bromwich Albion.

United suffered a shock 1-0 loss at Old Trafford to West Brom on Sunday, handing the EPL title to Manchester City, and Mourinho said his team were the "masters of complication".

They next visit Bournemouth tomorrow morning before facing Spurs at Wembley.

Asked if he would rotate his players for the midweek league game on the south coast, Mourinho indicated that some of those who played against West Brom would feature again at Bournemouth because they had lost their place for the semi-final.

"Rotating is not the right word," he was quoted as saying by The Independent.

"If I play a player against Bournemouth and he is phenomenal, he plays the semi-final.

"So is not rotating, because rotating looks like a player plays against Bournemouth to give a rest to somebody who is going to play in the semi-final.

"So the word is not rotation. It is an opportunity for some people to play and try to get a place in the team for Spurs. Some of the guys who played (against WBA) don't have a place in that team."

Asked to clarify if he meant those who performed badly against West Brom would not play against Tottenham, Mourinho said: "Yeah. What are the criteria for a manager to choose a team? I know only one: it is the way you play.

"Or do you want me to go for the price they cost, or their salary, or their beautiful face? The only way is to go with performance."

Ander Herrera was substituted at half-time against West Brom, while fellow midfielder Paul Pogba came off in the 58th minute, but Mourinho said that a yellow card had also been a factor in the Frenchman's replacement.

"It was not just him and he had a yellow card, so he was in a more difficult position than others," Mourinho said.

"And playing with only two midfield players, you cannot play with one player in risk of not being able to make a foul.

"You can do it if your team are not losing the ball, but our team were losing the ball so easy with the complication, everything was complicated, so we were losing lots of balls.

"Paul was out because of the yellow card, because in terms of the way he played, he was not worse than some others who were on the pitch for 90 minutes." - REUTERS