Neil Humphreys: Chelsea's brand of football is close to perfection

In a team sport, perfection is rare.

There are too many moving parts and too many imponderables to achieve a complete team performance.

Chelsea pretty much pulled off the feat last night.

The Premier League season may yet be blessed with more eye-catching contests and certainly greater scorelines, but Stamford Bridge delivered a flawless present for the purist.

The Blues battered a team in the top four like an over-eager daddy kicking a new ball around with his toddler on Boxing Day. They displayed no weaknesses, anywhere on the pitch.

Stamford Bridge saw a systematic, clinical destruction, the football equivalent of a merciless vet putting down a devoted, but dying, shaggy dog.

Barring a calamitous collapse, the title belongs to Chelsea. English football belongs to Chelsea. And international domination is a distinct possibility if Mourinho finally curbs his career-long restlessness at football clubs.

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