No way - Tim Howard isn't shortlisted for the Golden Glove

There's been a lot to be unhappy about during this World Cup, but this may just take the cake. 

US national hero and secret soccer alien Tim Howard is apparently not in the running for the Golden Glove.

Yes, that's right - the guy who made an amazing 16 saves in Team USA's quarter-final game against Belgium - is not shortlisted to be named the tournament's best goalkeeper. 

Earth to FIFA, have you seen this gif of all his saves from that particular match?

Watch All 16 of Tim Howard's Record-Setting Saves Against Belgium at Same Time
GIF: Yahoo

So who's actually been shortlisted?

Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)

kick animated GIF
GIF: Giphy

Manuel Neuer (Germany)


GIF: Futbol Espanol

Sergio Romero (Argentina)


Okay, lah. These three are good, too. 

Winner will be announced after the final on Monday morning (Singapore time). 

Source: Reuters

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