Not good enough, ref! Fifa official blasts EPL refereeing standards

The chairman of Fifa’s referees committee thinks the standard of English Premier League referees must improve.

While Jim Boyce did not point out any particular incidents, he feels that more training will benefit the officials.

He told Sky Sports News HQ: “I have watched many games in the Premier League this season and I have to say I think the standard is not as good as, perhaps, it should be.

“I think there are far too many, what I would call, poor decisions being made. Every week you see the analysts discussing all the refereeing blunders that appear to be made.

“Refereeing is a very, very difficult job. They can only give what they see. But I think there has to be much more training given, not only to the referees, but to the assistant referees as well. It’s a very high-profile game now.

“There is a lot of money at stake. There are managers' careers at stake. We have to try and get more decisions right. Overall, I don’t think it has been as good as it has been in the past.”

Source: Sky Sports