Pint-sized mementos of the best of the World Cup

Remember Hollander Robin van Persie's amazing header against Spain? What about Mexico goalie Guillermo Ochoa’s incredible saves against Brazil.

And who can forget Uruguay's Luis Suarez chomping on Italian Giorgi Chiellini.

Here's one way to treasure those great World Cup moments​.

British artist Terry Lee, 31, has been recreating the most famous and infamous scenes of the sport’s greatest showcase with tiny plastic figures barely 4cm high.

The figures are from classic table football game Subbuteo.

It hasn't been a day yet, but already, the artist who moved to Brazil earlier this year has pint-sized figures of the Brazil vs Chile and Colombia vs Uruguay match.


Single figures go for £14 (S$30), while teams start at £45. All figures come with their own protective display box.

Each figure takes a day or two to complete and is hand-painted “using some very, very fine-hair brushes”.  

Said Mr Lee: "There is a lot of sculpting, cutting, sanding and gluing to achieve the individuality in each figure."

Here are the top 5 goals of the World Cup.

And, of course, the worst moment of the World Cup.

Check out his blog to see more figures.

Source: AFP

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