Reds go top, but Klopp stays clam

Reds go top but German boss strives to quell growing excitement over end of 26-year title wait

Liverpool are top of the Premier League for the first time in 30 months and there is increasing belief among their supporters that a long-awaited title triumph is within reach this season, but Juergen Klopp is striving to keep the stakes from rising.

The message from the German was to "stay cool", after a 6-1 Anfield annihilation of Watford on Sunday.

The Reds are at the summit for the first time since their exciting title challenge in May 2014 when they led the league.

But Klopp did warn that this was a very different outfit to the one that eventually finished runners-up to Manchester City, after the infamous Steven Gerrard slip which handed Chelsea a decisive win.

"I know the story two years ago when it was really close and everybody compares, but this is not the team of two or three years ago," Klopp said.

"This is not the team (of) 25 years ago. We're completely new.

"When I came here, I asked for time and patience and belief and, after 11 matches, everyone's asking for guarantees and they are not there.

"The only thing we have is a pretty good football team."


Klopp noted that the top five are separated by just five points.

"If somebody thinks being one point ahead after 11 match days is a big sign for the rest of the season, then I can't help this person," Klopp said.

"We stay cool. It's the best position I can imagine, but nothing else has happened."

While the assessment of title credentials will not leave Klopp's lips at this stage, his Watford counterpart Walter Mazzarri was in little doubt about the quality of the opposition he had just faced.

Watford have played Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United this term but, according to their boss, nobody is at the level of the new leaders.

"From the teams we've played, there's no doubt Liverpool are the team I'm most impressed with," Mazzarri said.

"If they continue like this, they are No. 1 on my list for winning the Premier League. This is only from the teams we've played against." 
- PA Sport.

There’s no pressure after 11 match days, absolutely no pressure. We saw Chelsea yesterday — quite impressive; Man City playing Barcelona — quite impressive; Man United — never write them off; Tottenham — a good side. There are a lot of really good teams around. You can play a really good season and you could be fifth or sixth and nobody would be really happy. Stay cool, take the things like they are, play your best, win games, that’s the only thing we can do.

— Liverpool boss Juergen Klopp