Referee who kicked Nantes player suspended ‘until further notice’

The referee who kicked a player during a French Ligue 1 game and then sent him off has been suspended "until further notice", the French Football Federation (FFF) said.

Tony Chapron kicked Diego Carlos of Nantes towards the end of yesterday morning's (Singapore time) game against Paris Saint-Germain after being knocked over when the pair collided in a bizarre incident. Chapron then showed the player a second yellow card.

Chapron will be called to appear before the French league's disciplinary commission.

The sanction means he has been removed from refereeing duties for Thursday morning's game between Angers and Troyes.

The FFF statement added that 45-year-old Chapron - who recently took charge of a game in China - had reviewed video footage of the incident and "noted that his fall had been caused accidentally".

Footage of the incident quickly went viral across the world.

Chapron and Diego Carlos were racing to catch up with a breakaway by PSG's Kylian Mbappe as the game, which visitors PSG won 1-0, moved into stoppage time.

The referee appeared to cut across the Brazilian defender and contact was made, sending both to the turf.

As he got up, Chapron kicked the player, catching him on his right foot. - AFP