Ronaldo Just Did Something Really Amazing For A Fan

What Cristiano Ronaldo just did will make you think twice before calling him arrogant or selfish.

The crowd burst into laughter when a fan, a young Japanese boy, tried to ask the Real Madrid forward a question in Portuguese during a promotional event in Japan.

The fan was obviously having difficulty pronouncing the Portuguese words and ended up sounding very monotonous.

He appeared stunned when Ronaldo asked him what his name was.

But instead of joining everyone else in laughing, the captain of the Portugal national team assured the fan that he understood what he was saying.


Upon noticing that those watching were giggling and smirking, Ronaldo decided that he could not let the boy be humiliated.

"Why they smile, why? He speak good Portuguese, very good," he said to the audience.

"They should be happy because he try very hard."



This is not the first time we've seen the other side of the football star.

In 2014, Ronaldo decided to pay for a 10-month-old boy's £50,000 brain surgery instead of donating a jersey and a pair of boots to a charity auction (as requested by the boy's parents).

Sources: The Independent, Metro UK

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