Ronaldo's 'Miss BumBum' chased away

Ms Andressa Urach was a former contestant in Miss BumBum,a pageant to choose Brazil’s sexiest female posterior.

But she failed in her bid to attract Ronaldo's attention as she was frog-marched out of Portugal’s training ground by security staff just minutes before the team took to the pitch.

Ms Urach and the World Player of the Year have something of a history – or so she says.

Last year, British newspapers reported her claims that Ronaldo, 29, had cheated on his girlfriend Irina Shayk with her.

Then, the Portuguese superstar angrily denied the claims. He tweeted that he was “deeply outraged by a situation intended, in vain, to affect my personal life”.

Ms Urach, a co-host on a Brazilian variety programme called the Muito Show, has been determined to get Ronaldo’s attention at the World Cup.

Ms Andressa Urach,  who painted her upper body with Portugal's national soccer jersey, waiting at  Portugal's hotel as the team arrived in Campinas last week.

Last week, she reportedly welcomed him to Campinas, the south-east Brazilian city where Portugal are based, by painting his green and red shirt onto her skin (above).

She also held up a sign that said “Kisses C. Ronaldo.”

She appeared to be planning another media stunt on Wednesday. She had a microphone in her hand and was apparently wearing official accreditation.

But, surrounded by a knot of photographers, she was unceremoniously ushered from the premises.

Source: AFP


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