Savage can’t take public transport because he will be deluged by abuse

The next time you are caught speeding, you might want to try the Robbie Savage defence.

The former English Premier League player-turned-pundit escaped a driving ban when his lawyer argued successfully that his client couldn’t possibly take public transport because he would be deluged by abuse.

Ex-Welsh international Savage is a divisive character who was renowned as a wind-up merchant during his playing days which saw him star for Leicester, Blackburn and Birmingham.

The 40-year-old former Old Trafford youth product was caught going at 159kmh in his luxury Bentley Mulsanne in January after attending an Alan Shearer charity function.

He was facing a 28-day road ban but was let off with a £600 ($1,260) fine and six penalty points, according to The Northern Echo.

His lawyer Philip Morris told the court: “He is a name I’m sure is familiar to you.


“He is someone who as a result of his professional playing career in football has metamorphasised into a pundit.

“He is therefore particularly anxious about his licence.

“Someone once described him as being like Marmite. You either love him or the opposite. 

“As a consequence, the car provides something of a safe haven when getting from home to work and to charitable functions.”

But not everyone is happy that Savage has gotten off lightly.

Gary Rae, from the road safety charity Brake told Mail Online: “It’s an insult to those who have lost loved ones because of speeding drivers.

“Driving at such a dangerous speed hardly makes his luxury car a ‘safe haven’ for other road users.”

Source: The Northern Echo, Mail Online

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